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Mastering Screenshot Shortcuts on Your Laptop: A Comprehensive Guide for macOS and Windows Users

Mastering Screenshot Shortcuts on Your Laptop A Comprehensive Guide for macOS and Windows Users

Taking a screenshot is very useful. You need to know how to take a screenshot on your Laptop. You can show someone an image or a conversation, prove how skilled you were in a game, show the scope of your live stream, put together a tutorial or even record a video conference meeting.

There are applications to perform this function. But, if you want to do without using these applications, it’s very easy, you can use your own computer, without taking up space.

These are shortcuts that are used in the Apple Operating System. This tutorial is to show you how to take a screenshot. Oh! It is also possible on Microsoft Windows.

On macOS it’s quite simple, press the “Shift + Cmd + 4” keys and the file will be saved on the desktop. Then, just copy or drag it wherever you want.

There are three other simple and quick ways to learn in practice how to take a screenshot of your notebook or PC screen. They are: “ALT + PrtScr”; “Windows + Shift + S”; and finally “Windows + PrtScr”.
When you press the “ALT + PrtScr” keys at the same time, you will take a screenshot of the main screen. In other words, if you have windows open in the background, they will not appear. Then open the “Paint” program and save the image wherever you want.

When pressing the “Windows + Shift + S” keys, the screen will turn white. In place of the mouse arrow, a kind of pointer will appear and you just need to select the part you want to print on the PC. Then, just open Paint and save the image.

When pressing the “Windows + PrtScr” keys, the image will be automatically saved in the “Captures” folder, which is located within the Windows “Pictures” folder.
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