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Laptops in 2023: Which Tech Trends Would We Love to See?

Laptops in 2023: Which Tech Trends Would We Love to See? 01


We’re not just here for the nostalgia. We want to know what you think about laptops in the future. What do you want to see? Are there any trends that we missed? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

No-Wires Connectivity

Wireless charging is already a thing, but it’s still not as ubiquitous as we’d like it to be. We want to see wireless charging built into every laptop and smartphone. That way, you can charge your phone by setting it down on a table or desk–no wires required!

Do you know what else would be cool? If all our devices could communicate with each other without wires at all. Imagine being able to transfer data from one device directly into another without plugging anything in or pairing them up first. Or streaming video from one gadget straight onto another without any cables involved at all!

Foldable Screens

Foldable screens are a relatively new concept, but they’re already being implemented in some of the world’s most popular devices. Foldable screens work by allowing you to fold your phone or tablet in half, so it can be used as a smaller device that fits into your pocket.

What are the advantages of this? First off, having an easily portable device could make life easier for many people who have trouble carrying around large items on their person regularly (such as those with disabilities). It also means that companies won’t need as much storage space to keep all their products safe while they’re not being used; they can simply fold them up and store them away until they’re needed again!

However, there are some disadvantages here too: if your screen suddenly breaks while it’s folded up inside itself (or even during normal use), then repairing it may prove difficult depending on where exactly each part broke off from–and repairing something like this without proper equipment might not even be possible!

More power, lasting longer

In 2023, we’ll see laptops with more powerful processors. Do you know how your laptop is slow to load and runs out of battery quickly? Well, this will hopefully be a thing of the past! The next generation of laptops will have batteries that last longer and can handle more tasks at once.

You can also expect them to be lighter and thinner than today’s models–and even more beautiful!

Additional screen space

While the size of your laptop is a matter of personal preference, we have a few ideas for how to make it more useful. For starters, we’d love to see extra screen space. It’s great for multitasking and it makes watching videos or gaming more immersive, but it also makes reading easier–especially if you’re using an e-reader app like Kindle or Nook.

Another trend that would be welcome is touchscreens on laptops that don’t already have them (like MacBooks). This will make browsing through websites easier by eliminating the need for keyboard input; plus, it’ll give people without touchscreen phones another way to interact with their devices!

Wearable displays

Wearable displays are a great way to get more screen space. They’re also a fun way for you to show off your techs, like Google Glass or the Apple Watch.

However, there are ways of using wearable displays that aren’t so obvious. Wearable displays could be used as a new way of getting information from your laptop while working out at the gym or swimming in the pool, for example.

It actually sounds like a lot of these would be quite useful.

It’s great to see that computers are getting better. In fact, I think the laptop is already pretty good! But there is still room for improvement.

The tech trends mentioned in this article sound like they would be useful if laptops could incorporate them. For example, having a touchscreen would make it easier to navigate through apps and websites without having to use a mouse or trackpad (which most laptops don’t have). The ability to charge wirelessly would also be nice because there’s no need for extra cords lying around your desk–and if you forget where they are, then you won’t have any way of powering up your computer until someone finds those cables again!


I think we’ll all be pretty happy if these trends continue in 2023. The biggest question is whether they will even come to fruition, or whether some of them will fizzle out before then. Either way, it looks like we have a lot of exciting new tech to look forward to!

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